Bog Luck


Known Affiliations: Cult of the Dragon, Lords of Neverwinter
Known Assets: Carnath Roadhouse (owner)
Alignment: LE


Most people look at Bog Luck and see a common Half-Orc of simple demeanor. In most cases people would walk past him without a second glance. Yet the name Bog Luck is widely known in the criminal underworld all along the Sword Coast.

Bog Luck is a well-connected criminal consultant, or more commonly referred to as a fixer. For the right price can connect his customers with the right person to pull off the right job. Fencing, smuggling, bounty hunting, assassination, information, trade, investments, the orc has his hands in everything. Bog Luck isn’t just a notorious fixer, he is The Fixer.
The limits of Bog Luck network is unknown but it is known to stretch from Neverwinter where he has ongoing business with the city council to even a few Lords of Waterdeep with connections as far south as Candlekeep
A practical business man with a simple outlook on life. Whatever is good for business is good for him. He has a very straight forward code of honor brought up from his rough life on the streets of Waterdeep. While Bog Luck is known to be fair and good to his word, he is ruthless in his ability to complete a job or undercut his competitors.
He has been working with the Cult of the Dragon of late as well for a number of years, though he isn’t actually affiliated with the Cult.

After being confronted by Cora. Bog Luck reveals that he had nothing to do with Cora’s family’s death. He exchanges information with Cora with the promise that if she ever counters an item called a Dragon Mask, she will return it.

Cora agrees, and he informs her that it was Rezmir had killed her mother and father for betraying the Cult of the Dragon. Though he wouldn’t be surprised if Galvan was involved.

Bog Luck

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