Castle Naerytar NPCs



Constructed in the Mere of Dead Men by a half elf wizard half a century before the Spellplague. It was subsumed by the swamp and abandoned for several years, but then a group known as the Academy of Stargazers claimed it. They placed the artifact known as the Farseer of Illusk on top of the castle. Recently, the Cult of the Dragon has been using the castle as a base utilizing the portal to the Greypeak Mountains.

The party encountered the Scaly Death Lizard Folk who were subjugated to the Bullywug tribe and in service to the Cult of the Dragon. The party using this tension formed an alliance with the Scaly Death Tribe and fanned a revolt.


Scaly Death:


Snapjaw: A Lizardfolk member of the Scaly Death who appealed to the party to help them overthrow the Bullywugs. Snapjaw was killed in the opening charge of battle.

Killfish: A Lizard folk warrior who encountered the party with Snapjaw and Flapscar. He was killed by the Dragon Cult warriors during the attack on the Bullywugs.

Flapscar: The last survivor of the original three Lizardfolk that encountered the party. Flapscar’s cunning and strength in battle earned him a position as Blood Claw’s right hand.

Blood Claw: Great warrior of the Scaly Death, lead the revolt against the Bullywugs and the Dragon Cult. Became the leader of the Scaly Death tribe after the death of Spattergoo.


Pharblex Spattergoo – Mystic leader of the Bullywugs, who killed the SunCaller the Shaman of the Scaly Death tribe. His victory awarded him command of both Bullywugs and Lizard Folk by Rezmir. He was killed by the adventurers when they raided the castle with the Lizard folk.


Tharm Tharmzid: A dwarven cook who made some bad investments and ended up owing a lot of debt. He eventually found his way into the employ of the Cult of the Dragon as the cook of Naerytar castle.

Tharm looks forward to his next job, and thankfully the party helped terminate the contract early. The party helped him use the teleport circle allowing him and his two human companions to escape.

Cult of the Dragon:

Dralmorrer Borngray was the sun elf commander of Naerytar Castle, second only to Lady Rezmir the Black Wyrmspeaker. Dralmorrer was killed by the adventurers when they raided the castle with the Lizard folk

Castle Naerytar NPCs

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