Draken Dreadmoore


Character Lv 6
Class Ranger
Alignment CG
Status: Ally


Draken Dreadmoore is Gamora’s adopted father, and one of the disciples of Master Vayer.
During his time in the Seven Swords Mountain he fell in love with the Orc woman Greykaiya, but due to his stoic and silent demeanor he never approached her.
When he learned that Greykaiya had their Master’s child he came to her aid and left the mountain to stand by her side and protect her and her daughter. When Greykaiya formed her own tribe it was Draken who helped raise her daughter and was the human liason within the clan.
As a result he learned and practiced many of the traditions of the Peacewalker clan.
He eventually did reveal his feelings to Greykaiya, though the most he has ever confirmed to Gamora is that they shared a deep friendship.
When the Peacewalkers were attacked by raiding Goblins and Greykaiya was murdered, Draken fled with young Gamora in his arms. He has always had suspicions about the source of the raid, but could not investigate these suspicions with Gamora in his care.
After the raid on Greenest he has told the truth to Gamora as best he could, and shared with her the journey of the spirit walk. After saying good bye to his daughter, Draken has left Greenest.
He hunts for answers to the death of his beloved.

Draken Dreadmoore

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