Greenest NPCs


Over the centuries, innumerable petty warlords and ambitious merchants have established fiefdoms on the northern fringes of the grasslands north of the Snakewood and southeast of the Wood of Sharp Teeth. Dharva Scatterheart with the aid of some silent patrons erected the palisade town named Greenest along the Uldoon Trail to Berdusk.

The town survived and thrived in the years since the Spellplague as the only town of size on the most direct road between the eastern cities of the Dragon Coast, Cormyr, and Sembia with the Coast Way running south to the great cities of Amn, Tethyr, and Calimshan.

The town was recently raided by the Cult of the Dragon and pillaged for much of their gold and valuables. In the months since the raid the town has begun to slowly recover from the assault.


Characters of Greenest:


Tarbaw Nighthill: Leader and governor of Greenest.


Castellan “Red” Escobert: Shield Dwarf man at arms of the Greenest Keep.

Eadyan Falconmoon: Half-elf priest of Chaunthea.

Draken Dreadmore: Human hunter and father of Gamora.

Greenest NPCs

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