Jamna Gleamsilver


NPC Profile: Jamna Gleamsilver
Status: Deceased
Killed by Voaraghamanthar
Allegiance: Unknown


Jamna is a mysterious gnome who infiltrated the caravan while following a man from Thay that is somehow connected to the Dragon Cult. While she is vague about her mission and her allegiance, she assures the group that she opposes the Dragon Cult and will work with the group to that end.
Cora is highly suspicious of Jamna and has caught Jamna in her deceptions. But in a situation where they are surrounded by enemies that are aware of the party’s presence an untrustworthy ally is an ally all the same.
Jamna was captured by Bog Luck and somehow escaped in the Lizardfolk tunnel before the party. They would meet her again in the Mere of Dead Men a prisoner of Voaraghamanthar, clutching the Tome of Tiamat. Jamna had stolen it from Rusty’s bag and had made off with it.
Voaraghamanthar had removed the talasman on the cover of the book and had taken it with him. The book and Jamna were destroyed by the acid breath of the legendary dragon.
With Jamna dead many of her secrets die with her, who she worked for, why she stole the book, and if Jon Luc was any good in the sack…

Jamna Gleamsilver

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