Leosin Erlanthar


Character Lv 8
Class Monk
Alignment NG
Status: Ally


Leosin is a monk of Seven Swords Mountain and a member of the Harpers. Trained by Master Vayer and is one of the few disciples of Master Vayer that know the identity of his daughter Gamora.

Leosin has been investigating the Cult of the Dragon for nearly 25 years since they attempted to murder his master. As a result he has become an expert in their tactics and dealing with them. The Cult of Dragon, knows him well which is why he was not killed outright by their leader when he was captured.

He befriended Jon Luc when on expedition into an ancient temple where they discovered the Tome of Tiamat. Years later with the Cult of the Dragon moving forward with their plan he asked his friend to do whatever it takes to learn what the Cult has planned and how to stop them.

A champion of good and loyal to his Master and friends. Leosin is a skilled tactician and is willing to make hard sacrifices for the greater good.
He works with the party through JonLuc supporting their mission against the Dragon Cult.

Leosin Erlanthar

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