Half-Drow Fighter


Half-Elf (Drow) Fighter 10 (Eldritch Knight) / Wizard (Divination) 1
HP: 146
Primary Weapon: Longsword/ Magic
Str 20 Dex 14 Con 16 Int 18 Wis 13 Cha 13

Magic Items:
“Raven” Nine Lives Stealer, “Hew” Battle Axe, Dragonguard Breastplate, Wand of Magic Missile, Gauntlets of Ogre Strength.


Physical Description: 6’0", 180 lbs, Blue eyes, White hair and gray skin.
Born on 14th of Eleint (“The Fading”) on the Year of the Impatient Son (1452 DR) in Cormanthor Forrest (37 yrs old)
Homeland: Lomiiraldhuriin in the Reaching Woods


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