Lady Rezmir

Black Wyrmspeaker


Rezmir was first seen on the ramparts from Greenest Keep as the leader of the Cult of the Dragon raids. Her status as the leader was later confirmed by the captured kobolds referring her as the ‘dragon-lady.’

Once freed Leosin confirmed (or should have) her name as Rezmir. As one of the leaders of the Cult of the Dragon and her direct involvement is a sign of more menacing things to come.
It was later revealed that Rezmir was the assassin that had killed Cora’s family under the instruction of Galvan the Blue.

The party met Rezmir again in the Castle Naerytar during the Lizardfolk rebellion which they began. Rezmir had fled with the Red Wizard.

They would encounter Rezmir again in the Skyfortress where she ultimately fell to the party. Upon her death her essence revealed itself to Cora as she claimed the Black Dragon mask vowing revenge.

Lady Rezmir

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