Rufus Adelmyder


Former Head of Lady’s College in Silverymoon
Alignment N
Status: Deceased


Rufus Adelmyder was the third survivor of the expedition that found the Cursed Tome of Tiamat 17 years ago. Professor Adelmyder studied the book obsessively for the next decade shutting off everyone including Jon Luc with no apparent success understanding the secrets within the book. His obsession driving him mad until he died in 147

When he died in 1481 Jon Luc took to book from his study to safeguard. Four years later Leosin asked him to bring the Tome to Greenest. As Jon Luc attempted to understand the Tome it was Rufus Adelmyder who first appeared to Jon Luc advising him to finish what he had started.

It was later discovered through Rezmir’s notes that Rufus has been the sage who deciphered the ritual for returning Tiamat to the realms, and had been a close ally of Severin the leader of the Cult of the Dragon.

Rufus Adelmyder

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