Osrik Ironborn

Hill Dwarf Cleric


Nickname: Rusty
Hill Dwarf Cleric (Tempest) 7
HP: 82
Primary Weapon: War Hammer / Spells
Str 16 Dex 11 Con 20 Int 10 Wis 22 Cha 13

Magic Items:
Glitterstone Shield, Bag of Holding, Decanter of Endless Water, Flail of Savage Criticism, Mariner’s Plate Armor, Ring of Protection, Folding Boat, Tome of Understanding,


Physical Description: 4’4", 199lbs, Blue eyes, Red hair and beard.
Born on 21st of Flamerule (Summertide) on the Year of Darkenbeasts Risen (1442 DR) in Mintarn (47 yrs old)
Homeland: Mintarn

Osrik Ironborn lived on the Island nation of Mintarn all his life. The few dwarves, including his father Brogran, spent more time talking about the glory days of Dwarvenkind rather than showing young Osrik how to live like one. As a result Osrik grew infatuated with stories of human gods, especially the patron of Mintarn, Valkur. After his mother passed when he was very young, Osrik spent a lot of time walking along the sea to help bring him peace. He grew to love the sea and wanted to travel and explore what lay beyond the shores of Mintarn.

One night in 1462 DR a 20 year old Osrik witnessed a massive storm roll in from the sea and lay devastation to the docks and the ships in the bay. Osrik seeing a young girl in danger rushed to save her. He leapt into the sea to rescue the girl, it was at this moment where he first felt the touch of divinity and the holy power of his god saved him and the girl.

This was witnessed by Nate Reynolds, Captain of the Pyreglide and Cleric of Valkur. He took the young dwarf under his wing and tough him the ways of Valkur and how to use his powers. He sailed with him for several years learning the ways of the sea and Valkur, and was the Quartermaster on the Pyreglide for the last fifteen years.

During this time he was called Rusty Stormborn, the name Rusty given to him by his crewmates and the name Stormborn a gift from his mentor.

On the first week of Tarskh (also called The Claw of the Storms) they had made port near Candlekeep to send a shipment to the Greenfields. Captain Reynolds asked Rusty to travel with the cargo. He told Rusty that his strength would be needed for the journey and that he will begin to find his own path if he were to take this journey.

That night he said farewell and joined a caravan with a dark elf and a strange Calashite girl with golden eyes….

Osrik Ironborn

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