Half-elf Druid


Half-Elf (Wood) Druid 11
HP: 102
Primary Weapon: Quarterstaff / Magic
Str 14 Dex 16 Con 16 Int 13 Wis 20 Cha 12

Magic Items:
Quarterstaff dipped in Forge of Spells
Lightbringer, a mace powerful against undead
Ring of Nondetection


Real name: Selvriane Draugammë
Physical Description: 5’2", 100 lbs, Green eyes, wavy green hair, and olive complexion. Both arms have an ivy tattoo.
Born on 14th of Eleint (“The Fading”) on the Year of Seductive Cambion (1444 DR) in Elventree. (31 yrs old)
Homeland: Starwood of Cormanthar

Raised by her master Tengri since she was five years old, learning the ways of nature, balance, and the magic that binds the world. On her 21st birthday her master, after being woken by a vision, tells her she is needed to the west and starts her on her quest.

After a week of traveling west, she meets with a group of young adventurers and journeys to Phandalin. They rid the town of a gang, send a corrupt wizard to justice, and rediscover the Wave Echo Cave and the Forge of Spells within. She makes her first friends, and acquires a magic quarterstaff, along with a penchant for ale, wine, mead, and peanut butter in her travels.

They stop in Triboar on the way to Waterdeep after business in Phandalin concludes. She and Harlin connect. They are attacked and Neminestrus, a firbolg Lotus Druid, rescues them by magically transports them back to Phandalin where he reveals much: Kartikeya, the attacker, is her grandfather and a Lotus Druid, and will hunt her; Tengri is dead but reborn. They go live in Neverwinter for the winter. In spring, she falls ill and has a vision – they travel to the woods, stopping in Thundertree where they kill a green dragon. They run into Neminestrus in the woods and return again to Phandalin. Harlin gives her a ring of nondetection, and she accepts, but in the morning she has disappeared.

She is ripped from time, transported 2 years forward. She spends the years both evading her grandfather and looking for her loved ones. She searches for answers about what it means to be a Lotus Druid. She finds Enki, a mysterious Lotus Druid, and trains.


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