Talis Kasterel

Talis the White


Talis is a highly respected member of the Cult of the Dragon known for her knowledge of dragons—particularly white dragons—which rivals Severin’s knowledge of red dragons. Charismatic and hard-working she was expected to take her place in the cult’s leadership.
Cora is her childhood friend and rival (as well as unrequited love). Talis was to apprentice with Cora’s mother within the Cult of the Dragon before she was killed. After Cora fled and her uncle and family were tracked down and killed it was Talis who was brought in to identify the body of her cousin. She lied to Galvan saying that it was Cora, allowing her to hide from the Cult of the Dragon.

Years later Talis left a coded message to Cora listing the names of valuable members of the Cult of the Dragon who had killed her parents, though later Cora would realize that not all members were involved in the murder and that Talis was using Cora to help disrupt the actions of the Dragon Cult in the Greenfields.

When Cora and Talis are reunited in the Hunting Lodge, she admits that she had provided the list and hoped Cora would have disrupted their plans. She confirms that Rezmir was in the assassin who had killed her parents and aunt.

Cora convinces Talis to leave the Cult of the Dragon as she plans on destroying the entire Cult, and offers her a chance at salvation. Talis agrees and they exchange a kiss.

Talis’s agents have split from the Cult of the Dragon and continue to support Cora in her mission. Though Talis’s current agenda is still unknown.

Talis Kasterel

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