Jean Luc's Grimoire

Wondrous Item, Rare


This prize was earned by Jean Luc during the mage duel at Loudwater. This finely crafted hard leather bound book is a prized magic item for any Wizard. This item was created in Candlekeep, the most esteemed center for knowledge in Faerun. A place where the security and treatment of knowledge is something that isn’t taken for granted, and it’s evident with this magical item.

This book is magically and alchemically treated to resist water, fire, weather, mold, and all forms of deterioration by age. It has a magical lock that can only be opened by the touch of Jean Luc.

Other than the above it has three very distinct properties:

1. Any information placed in the book will automatically be sorted and easily accesses when the owner thinks of the information and turns the page. The pages actually arrange themselves according to the thoughts of the owner. Example, considering water spells they will appear sorted by element, thinking of rituals they will sort in that manner, wanting to review note or flip through the book, the pages will arrange themselves in that manner to accommodate.

2. The book while it appears the size of a standard 100 page Arcanabula (field spellbook) it has nearly unlimited pages within it’s spine. Because of this Resources and time required to add additional spells to the book are reduced by 50%.

3. While highly resistant, if the book is lost, stolen, or destroyed a copy of all the knowledge in the book can be duplicated by the library of Candlekeep. For nominal fee a replacement Grimorie can be created.


Jean Luc's Grimoire

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