Dydd and Ashardalon

Lore of the Realms

Long ago an Ancient Great Wyrm known as Ashardalon threatened the world with his lust for power and destruction. This Dragon’s power nearly ascended him to godhood were it not for an ancient Druidic Order known as the Circle of Elements and their Leader an elven Druid named Dydd.


Dydd and her circle had a long history of conflict with Ashardalon, to this day remains of their battles can be found throughout the lands currently known as the Western Heartlands. The war between Dydd and Ashardalon reached its climax in the realms between the Greypeaks and the High Forrest. Some legends state that the Greyflow river was forged from their battle.

Dydd lost many of her circle in the battle, in the end only she and her consort Sulwyn stood against the mighty Ashardalon. The dragon had gained the advantage in the battle and was poised to take the final blow on Dydd. Sulwyn raised his magic bow and called upon the power of his god Solonor Thelandira, casting a lost magic that forged an arrow out of his own soulforce, creating an attack of devastating power at the cost of his life. The arrow struck Ashardalon chest in a devastating explosion, exposing the dragon’s heart. As the Great Wyrm reeled in pain, Dydd transformed herself into a Sliver Dragon and tore the heart from Ashardalon’s chest.

Ashardalon body fell to the ground and with his dying breath summoned a dimensional portal and fell into the planes, never to be seen again.

Dydd and the few remaining survivors of the Circle of Elements buried their dead. Dydd and her son said their farewells to Sulwyn. When they consumed Sulwyn’s body to the pyre Solonor Thelandira appeared before the body of Sulwyn and took Sulwyn’s bow Providence. The magic bow Providence would gather a legend of its own being bestowed on chosen warriors by Solonor Thelandira in times of great need.

Dydd restored the circle and continued to bring balance to the realms. Though after her passing her children had each gone in different paths. Some returned to Evermeet, others traveled to other planes, while others carried on the traditions of Dydd. Some believe that the founders of the Emerald Enclave are descendants of the Cirlce of Elements and even Dydd herself.

The story of Ashardalon would find conclusion in 1373 DR when a surviving descendant of Dydd named Kalu Starglimmer traveled through the planes with her friends Tork Glitterstone, Vayer Graverson, Lucian, Larwyn, Ash Nightbreeze and a Death Slaad named Nurn. They eventually found their way to the Bastion of the Unborn, where Ashardalon had made his new home.


The Great Wyrm had survived his encounter with Dydd by making a pact with a Balor named Aameul who he forged into a living heart. In time Ashardalon required more than the demon as his living heart and sustains himself on the Font of Unborn Souls. Kalu and her friends defeated Ashardalon and his spawn, and defeated the demon Aameul restoring the Bastion of the Unborn and saving all the worlds.

Dydd and Ashardalon

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