House Rules

Character Creation

Players will roll 4d6 for each stat.
They may only choose 3 of the 4 dice (usually dropping the lowest score).
Rolls of 1 may only be re-rolled once per stat.
Repeat this process 6 times (for each of the 6 stats) and assign as you like.

Example: Bob rolls a 4, 6, 1, and 1. He re-rolls both 1s and his new roll is a 4 and 1. He may not re-roll the new 1, so he decides to drop it. Stat for this roll is 14. He repeats this process for the next stat.

Players are allowed to roll two sets of stats and choose the one they prefer best. If these two stats have a lower score than the standard array in the PHB, he can choose to take the standard array or at the DMs discretion roll a third set.

Players with bad luck (or incredibly good luck) may have adjustments added to the character to make it balanced with the rest of the party. A character with 4 stats over 16 may be asked to take an additional flaw, or with no stats over 15 may have a bonus point added to their character.

Heroic Characters

The player characters in the campaign are heroic adventurers, and while they may have complicated pasts, skeletons in their closets, or a hunger for gold they are still very much the heroes of the story.

Players are not allowed to choose an evil aligned character. Players should ideally create a character that is invested in the campaign in some way which will allow them to work together for the most part.

House Rules

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