Tyranny of Dragons

Battle of Loudwater pt 2.

Season 2, Session 10

18th day of Nightal 1489 DR the Year of the Warrior Princess

Morning breaks. Gamora, Jean Luc, Dru, Mags, and Osrik head towards the city guard’s station to speak with Captain Harrowleaf about getting Gamora’s bracelet knife back. On the way, Osrik crosses paths with Old Barnaby and breaks away from the party to help him carry his morning catch. After helping the old man he decides to go looking for Reven’s sister.

Suddenly there is a loud explosion from the temple of Lathander. Its spire shatters as the black substance from the Underdark, the Shadowstuff rises into the sky and shapes into a black dome around the city, blanketing the city in darkness. From the dark walls, hundreds of armed animated suits of armor come walking out and begin attacking the village. Stepping forward is the massive black metal golem with the face of the sword, Hazirawn. He shouts at Gamora, “You thought you could wield me? I will show you my strength!” Hazirawn draws a massive blade glowing black energy and two other arms spring from his torso.

“Balls…” Gamora curses, and drawing her blade, flies into a rage, charging at Hazirawn with her sword, but it does not cut. Its edge is unable to penetrate the adamantine armor.

Dru casts faerie fire on Hazirawn, but it doesn’t seem to work. She reaches for the twin shadow mastiff statue and summons the twin beasts. They look at her, confused, “You are not our master,” one of them speaks in her minds. Dru says, “I am now.”
The two look at each other and agree, “For now.”

Osrik, seeing the group engaging Hazirawn, leaves Old Barnaby and runs toward the group. He calls upon Valkur for guidance, with no answer. He calls upon the power of the storm and brings down a bolt of lightning on Hazirawn. The golem’s twin bucklers break into flying shards that circle around the golem, deflecting the lightning bolt from direct contact.

Hazirawn reacts by striking Gamora with his fist and following up with a sword strike. His other arms fire a blade that is a fixed to a chain from each arm. One blade is deflected narrowly by Captain Harrowleaf, but the second impales a town guard, ripping his entrails out.

Tribs and his daughter react to the attack rushing the western gate. Tribs forces back an assault with a Thunderwave. He turns to his daughter and tells her to find Reven and stay by his side. He shouts at the citizens to take shelter in the town center while casting a lightinng bolt. He shapes it into a blade of lightning, rushing more knights, cutting them down, and taking out a larger golem. He rallies the western gate guards to defend against the attack.

Meanwhile at the Green Tankard Tavern, Cora sees Flip fighting outside and rushes to see what is happening. She draws her bow and joins the attack. She tells Khendrig to stay inside, but the deep gnome child ignores her and follows close behind. Reven finishes off the animated knights weakened by Cora bow and Flip’s lightning bolt. Reven’s sister appears and joins Reven’s side in the battle as more knights move against them.

Gamora runs towards Hazirawn and strikes it with three vicious blows, but Hazirawn is unaffected by her attack. Hazirawn laughs, “That’s all?! I’ve waited for this and this is the best you can give?” He attacks and Gamora ducks the blow.

Jean Luc, staying out of the fray, casts haste on Gamora, enhancing her speed and movement.

The edge of Gamora’s vision shimmers, and when she turns and glances behind her, the terrain has shifted into the Spiritwilds. Her peripheral vision shimmers and besides her is the Spiritwilds. She sees the Owlbear Spirit standing like a large humanoid. The owlbear spirit says, “You will beat him this way, call your sword.”

Trusting in her spirit guide, she focuses and tries to create the blade from the Spiritwilds. Her great sword glows with blue fire, channeling the magic from the Spiritwild blade. She strikes Hazirawn again with two solid blows, which send the golem staggering back with each blow.

On the northwest side of town, outside the temple of Lathander, Old Barnoby and the town guards fight off against several animated knights. The old fisherman fights usin a staff, with surprisingly practiced skill.

Dru, from behind cover, fires a crossbow bolt at Hazirawn, striking the golem. Mags runs besides Dru and casts fireball, destroying a cluster of animated knights coming from the eastern side of town.

Osrik feels a presence behind him. He turns to see the red-bearded Dwarf from his dreams. The Dwarf says, “You need this,” and opens his hand, which holds a spark of lightning. When Osrik reaches out and takes the spark from his hand, he feels the power of a storm coursing through his fist, awaking his divine strike ability. The red-bearded Dwarf, as he fades away says, “wurskyrr.”

When Osrik says wurskrr, a dwarven word meaning remake, the small hammer grows in size of a warhammer. Osrik runs and strikes Hazirawn with the magic hammer doing a massive critical blow to Hazirawn breaking off pieces of his legs. Hazirawn retaliates by turning towards Gamora and Osrik, opening his chest and firing a beam of necrotic energy hurting them both. Hazirawn begins trading blows between Gamora and Osrik.

Mags body, wrapped in flame, flies into the air towards the eastern gate as she attacks the animated knights assaulting the town guards.

Captain Harrowleaf breaks away from Hazirawn, leaving the fight to the adventurers,.He commands his men against the animated knights heading to the center of town, where most of the townsfolk have gathered.

Flip moves to aid Jean Luc in the northern part of town but his firebolt attack seems to heal Hazirawn’s body. Mags curses at Flip and tells him not to use fire magic. Jean Luc casts magic missile at Hazirawn, but the buckler shards release an energy field that blocks the attack.

Reven’s sister rushes toward Jean Luc, asking if he needs help. Reven, Cora, and Khendrig also move to engage Hazirawn. Flip fires a lightning bolt to help clear more animated knights. Reven’s sister reaches out and touches the bolt as it passes by, her hands glows, and the runes reappear. Soon after, her hand crackles with lightinng.

Hazirawn, noticing Reven’s sister, launches one of his chained gauntlet blades. It penetrates her right shoulder, latching onto her, and he pulls her toward him, where he catches her by the face with his larger hand. “You!” he growls, “You killed my master… now I will destroy you!” He opens his chest and the beam begins to glow.

Jean Luc, seeing the energy gathering, casts dispel magic, attempting to disrupt it. Its result cancels the beam and renders Hazirawn inert. His body sinks, but Reven’s sister is pinned.

Using this opportunity, Cora fires her bow, and with rapid shots she knocks off Hazirawn’s head. Gamora swings her sword severing his lower arm which was attached to the blade in Reven’s sister. Dru fires her crossbow severing the left upper arm.

Mags, flying overhead, throws fire bolts from above, taking out the animated knights. She turns towards the church and sees Old Barnaby fighting and struck down. She immediately turns and flies toward the old man, casting a fire bolt that destroys the animated armor as it raises its sword for the killing blow.

Mags crouches next to the old man, cradling his head and kissing him on the lips. “I’m sorry my love,” she says in Draconic, “I’m sorry it’s been so long.”

The old man’s eyes open with some effort. There is confusion, then realization. “Altormagnus? Has the Father returned you to me?” he says weakly, “I have never stopped waiting for you.” He laughs, “You are a girl.”

“In this life I am. I suppose the Father aimed to teach me a lesson,” she smiles. “It doesn’t change my heart, my love. Come, let me get you to safety. Don’t leave me yet.”

“I am old and tired. I am sorry, dearest,” he groans. “I long to see Mount Celestia and stand beside the Father.”

“There is nothing to forgive. You are still beautiful and strong in my eyes,” she smiles warmly.

The old man smiles and groans. “I have one last breath in me. Help me stand. I will show them that true light will never fade.” Mags kisses him deeply on the lips and there is a burst of divine light that engulfs the two of them.

Old Barnaby stands and his staff glows with a powerful divine. He strikes the animated armors and they shatters like glass. He begins relentlessly fighting against the knights exiting the church, deflecting their attacks and countering with his own powerful blows.

More of the animated knights head toward the town center. Mags flies overhead and releases a burst of divine magic, summoning a swarm of spirit dragons that cut through the animated armors.

Reven’s sister, releasing herself from Hazirawn’s grip, pulls the blade from her shoulder. With her other hand glowing with blue lightning, she blasts Hazirawn’s inert body, ripping a hole through his chest and revealing Hazirawn’s sword blade hidden inside the golem’s body.
Osrik smashes his hammer on Hazirawns sword arm, severely fracturing the arm, but it doesn’t break off.

Hazirawn’s golem body snaps back to life, the black blade in his chest glowing a pale blue light. He lifts his blade and swings at Gamora, who parries the blow, but the second chain blade strikes Osrik, cutting down the Dwarf cleric. His bleeding body drops on the ground and the hammer returns to its original form.

Cora fires two shots from her bow through the field of shield fragments. Both shots rip into Hazirawn’s remaining shoulder, severing the sword arm. Hazirawn stomps the ground, sending out a massive shockwave which throws everyone around him back. Osrik is thrown aside, causing him to bleed out more. Reven’s sister crawls across the ground to the downed Dwarf. She touches him and magical healing surges from her palms, healing some of his wounds and stirring the Dwarf awake.

Gamora resists the attack and lands three massive blows on Hazirawn, ripping away more of his chest and fragments of his legs. Osrik forces himself up, grabbing the magic hammer and once again turning it into a warhammer. He leaps and strikes the blade of Hazirawn through the hole in the chest. The blow strikes the blade of the great sword, making a powerful deep crack on the blade. Hazirawn screams in pain.

Reven and Gamora attack Hazirawn but he goes on the defensive, deflecting her attacks. He counters and knocks Reven back. Cora, seeing Reven hurt, fires her bow in his defense and Hazirawn’s last arm is severed from his body.

Gamora leaps and slashes more of the chest cavity, exposing the broken great sword at its core, its crack bleeding pale blue energy. Letting out a massive roar, she hits Hazirawn with a powerful blow, knocking the golem’s body over onto the ground.

Hazirawn laughs, “You may have defeated this body, but I will have the last laugh. This army won’t stop and I will kill every last one of you! Haaahahahahahaha!”

The party and the town guard do their best against the animated armors, but their numbers don’t seem to be dwindling.

Osrik stands upon the body of the iron golem, raises his hammer and brings it down on the cracked great sword. With a sharp pang of metal snapping, Hazirawn’s laughter turns into a squeal of pain that pierces everyone’s minds. With the destruction of the blade all the animated armors collapse and become inert.

Jean Luc sees the black liquid still surrounds the town and heads toward the Temple of Lathandar. Reven helps his sister up telling her, “Xenara. Your name is Xenara.”

She smiles and gives him a kiss on the cheek. “You and Dad are so alike.” She turns and runs behind Jean Luc towards the Temple.

Inside they see the black liquid flowing out from behind the passage they took to the Underdark portal. It’s flowing out at a steady stream. Tribs, with his flaming sword, is trying to cut the oozing liquid with his blade to no effect.

Gamora, reaching her limits, grows tired and her rage subsides. With it, the blue energy of the sword begins to dim and slowly burn away like a dying fire, and her great sword turns to ash and disintegrates. At this moment, she feels the pull of her Owlbear spirit, and when she turns, she sees instead an aged Orc with pale green skin and white hair in a cloak of Owlbear skin.

“If you want to bring that blade into the real world, girl,” he says in the Owlbear spirit’s voice, “you must find the SoulForger.”

Gamora responds, “Where can I find him? Or start looking?”

“You must find your father,” he replies simply.

“Ugh… the one I like?” she asks hopefully.

“The one you do not know.” With a smile, the old Orc says, “Tell him Wind says ‘hi.’ Until we meet again.” And with that he vanishes.

Reven, watching Gamora speak to vacant space, looks confused and asks her if she is okay. Gamora laughs and says “everything is fine.”

Gamora tries throwing Hazirawn’s body into the stream, dragging it from the town square. The massive body doesn’t stop the flow, but instead is caught in the ooze and lifted upward into the dome.

Jean Luc looks at the stream and tries to make sense of how to stop it. Xenara walks up to the ooze and touches it. Gamora, realizing this at the last moment, warns her not to, but it’s too late. The ooze wraps around her arm and attempts to pull her in. The young half-Drow resists the pull and says, “No.” Her arm flares up in runes and after a moment the ooze glows and vanishes.

Outside, a loud thump is heard, followed by a few startled shouts from guards as Hazirawn’s body drops from the sky. Jean Luc ends the haste spell and Gamora grows very tired. He blows her a kiss saying, “Good job, killer.” He leaves before she can retaliate.

Harrowleaf begins organizing the guards to check for survivors in collapsed buildings and to check on the surviving townsfolk. He thanks Gamora, who only replies, “Bracelet…” Harrowleaf pulls the bracelet from his pocket and hands it to her. She smiles weakly, but triumphant.

Outside they see Mags lying on the ground, holding Old Barnaby, who is dead. She has tears in her eyes as she strokes the face of the old man. Osrik crouches beside her and offers to revive him. Mags says, “No. Leave him.”

“What?” Osrik says, surprised more than confused.

“He was a paladin of Bahamut,” Mags says, “He was the husband of the dragon who protected this town. He stayed here waiting for him to come back. He gave the last bit of his life energy to protect this town. He is where he wants to be, at the side of the Father.” She kisses his forehead.

Jean Luc asks, “Are you going to be okay?”

“Yes,” she says, “I will be.”

Osrik lifts the body respectfully. Mags, Dru, Jean Luc, and Osrik leave town and make their way to the shrine of Bahamut. They bury the body on the hilltop where Mags says a prayer in Draconic. They finish the last rights by early afternoon. As they depart, Mags turns and says “Goodbye my love. Until we meet again.”

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