Jean Luc

Sun Elf Wizard


Name: Jean Luc Pierre Javert Robesbartemps
Sun Elf Wizard (Evocation) 11
HP: 87
Primary Weapon: Wand / Spells
Familiar: Bruce
Str 11 Dex 15 Con 16 Int 20 Wis 16 Cha 14

Magic Items:
+1 Wand of the War Mage, Ring of Spell Storing, Jean-Luc’s Grimoire, Elven Chain, Bag of Holding, Magic Prism Stone, Bracers of the Efreet,


Physical Description: 6’2", 130 lbs, Black eyes, Blonde hair.
Born on 18th of Elesias (Highsun) on the Year of the Staff (1366 DR) in the Silver Marshes (123 yrs old)
Homeland: Silverymoon

Jean Luc Pierre Javert Robesbartemps was the youngest elf to enroll in The Lady’s College in Silverymoon and had graduated basic studies at age 19. Jean Luc was a true protege showing a natural magical talent that could have surpassed the Archmage Kalu Starglimmer. But in the Year of Blue Fire (1385 DR) the goddess Mystra was murdered, the weave broken, and magic as the world knew it had died.

Jean Luc like most mages tried to adapt, but the transition to magic without the weave proved difficult for him. While he continued his learning of the new art Jean Luc remained with The Conclave of Silverymoon as a researcher, historian, and in time instructor.

Jean Luc had worked very closely with his colleague and mentor Professor Rufus Adelmyder. In the Year of Third Circle (1472 DR) Jean Luc was tasked to go with him on an expedition to an Abeirian ruin which was believed to be the ancient home of a Dragonborn Clan. Joining them were several other scholars, including Leosin Erlanthar.

It is within the ruin that Rufus Adelmyder found the Cursed Tome of Tiamat. Within the ruins the expedition was attacking by unknown raiders. Thanks to Leosin they both Jean Luc and Adelmyder were able to escape the ruin but all others had been killed. They returned with the book to Silverymoon.

Jean Luc and Leosin remained friends from that day on. Over time Jean Luc watched Adelmyder study the tome with no result. He eventually withered away and died unable to translate his obsession. Jean Luc claimed the Tome and hid it away after Adelmyder died.

It was in the Year of the Ageless One (1479 DR) when the Weave was restored and with it Jean Luc’s devotion to the Art once again flourished. Using his old spellbooks he began his training anew. Being one of the few mages prior to the collapse of the Weave his instruction was essential towards the training of new wizards.

in 1489, Jean Luc received a message from Leosin to bring the Adelmyder’s tome to Candlekeep. When he arrived he learned that Leosin did not arrive, but headed out towards Greenest. Jean Luc then boarded a caravan east towards Greenest to find Leosin.

Jean Luc

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