Yashira 'Mags' Reign


Class: Sorcerer
Alignment: NG
Background: Noble
Status: Party member/Ally

Human Calshite Sorcerer 6
HP: 54
Primary Weapon: Crossbow / Spells
Str 11 Dex 16 Con 13 Int 18 Wis 16 Cha 20

Feats: Crossbow Expert
Magic Items:
Ring of Protection, Bag of Holding

Physical Description: 5’1", 100 lbs, Gold eyes, Blonde hair, Brown Skin.
Born on 12th of Nightal (The Drawing Down) on the Year of the Purloined Statue (1477 DR) in Memnon.
Homeland: Waterdeep.


Yashira Reign grew up as a member of the IronRing Guild, a powerful Calishite merchant noble family. She was rescued by Dru and Raiann when her parents were murdered in front of her at age four by the Cult of the Dragon. Dru and Raiann raised her in Waterdeep.
Mags has a sharp intellect and even sharper tongue for a 12 year old. She has an uncanny level of knowledge and perception for her age, and she is incredibly lethal with her crossbow.
She is proud and stubborn at times having difficulty connecting with others. Yet is incredibly charming and capable of wooing most people she meets. At times it hard to tell if she really is a child at all.
When the party was confronted by Voaraghamanthar Mags rushed to her party’s aid with abandon. When Voarghamanthar unleashed his breath attack it was Mags who deflected the attack with her newfound magic abilities which seem to have an affinity to fire.
Dru and Rusty claimed that an old man had arrived and touched Mags at this moment possibly granting or even unlocking these abilities within her. Jon Luc suspects the old man may have been an avatar of Bahamut but has kept this to himself.
Mags joined the Order of the Gauntlet after a private conversation with Onthar Frume. Mags dismissed the membership as a potential advantage that may become useful in time.

Yashira 'Mags' Reign

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