Tyranny of Dragons

Battle of Loudwater pt 1.

Season 2, Session 10

17th day of Nightal 1489 DR the Year of the Warrior Princess

The party appears on the teleportation circle in the prime material plane, underneath the church of Lathandar. The black liquid that came alive and attacked them when they entered the chamber is still, and the party makes their way out. They enter the temple’s main hall and scare a caretaker. Jean Luc asks the caretaker to call the priest for his assistance. Jean Luc asks Brother Griffin, the priest in charge of the temple, to help revive the woman who Reven believes to be his sister. As the magic is cast, there is a strange glow on her skin, and arcane runes seem to temporarily appear then fade. She begins to stir after this and Reven takes her outside. Jean Luc asks Brother Griffin to help restore Osrik’s memories, but it doesn’t seem to work. Surprised and confused at the results Brother Griffin apologizes and offers a partial refund.

Reven asks his sister how she is feeling. When her eyes open, he realizes she has the same crystal blue eyes of his father. She says she is fine. When Reven probes, asking what she remembers, she can recall nearly all the details of when they first retrieved her from the Underdark. As they talk, Tribs comes closer, and after a few moments and offers to get them some food before leaving.

Harlin walks up to Reven and says goodbye. Reven asks where he is going and he simply replies, “I have to find her.”

He says goodbye to Cora and tells Khendrig to take care of Cora in gnomish. Khendrig smiles and nods in agreement. He continues to say farewell to everyone and even offers Gamora a hug, apologizing for making her pay for his drink, and with that he leaves Loudwater.

Khendrig asks Cora about the sky and seems bothered by the sunlight. She says she will get him something to help with that. She asks him a few more probing questions about his past and how he knows things. He responds by saying he is hungry and would like some food. The rest of the remaining group goes to the Green Tankard Tavern for lunch.

Garwin Rockbottom, the innkeeper, seeing them again, asks Gamora, the Champion of Loudwater, if there are any new stories. Gamora offers a story, if the ale keeps flowing, and four or five mugs deep she recounts the tale of their adventure in a bit too much detail. Mags, already a bit drunk, is getting unruly and is cut off by Dru. Garwin, impressed with the story, loses track of his orders in the bar making a few patrons frustrated, but he thanks Gamora for her incredible tale and sends them over their food.

Reven talks with his sister. During their conversation it is clear that she is very intelligent, aware, and has a gentle nature. She asks Reven at one point if he is her brother, and asks him to give her a name. Reven is stunned by the question but promises to give it some thought.

The group discusses some of the treasures they recovered and how they need Jean Luc to identify the objects. Reven mentions he has Darlandra’s staff, which his sister asks to look at. After holding it for a moment her hands glow those strange arcane runes and the staff disintegrates. She apologizes and says she doesn’t know what happened. Reven is a bit offput about losing the staff but says it is alright. Jean Luc suggests the group should go back to the boat to rest for the night. They tell Osrik about his folding boat, but realize that they don’t know the command word to transform the ship. Mags suggests giving her the boat to Reven’s sister, laughing at how funny it will be if it explodes. Dru says that she remembers the command word. Jean Luc says that even if not, he can use his magic to discover the command word.

Cora, sitting apart from the group, watches as Khendrig eats his food, which is stew and some fruits, and which he seem to enjoy very much. She decides to stay in the Green Tankard Tavern for the night as the others leave. She asks Khendrig about his parents and if there is anything else he knows. He says that he can’t say, and when she presses, he asks if he can rest since he is very tired. She gets a room in the inn to rest and takes Khendrig up so he can get ready for the evening.

As they leave the tavern, Tribs approaches holding a small sack of apples. Reven’s sister approaches him, asking if those are for her, and she takes them, thanking him warmly. Tribs nods, a bit at a loss for words. Reven suggests she can go ahead with the others if they don’t mind, he needs to talk with Tribbs for a moment. Gamora says it isn’t a problem and tells her to come along. Noticing that she is a bit weak in the legs, Reven’s sister helps the half orc champion walk back to the pier.

Reven asks Tribs about his sister and shares that he is afraid she was corrupted by Shadowheart and fears that she may be a threat. Tribs says that he will never be able to forgive himself for leaving a daughter in the hands of his greatest enemy, and while what Reven says is wise, casting doubt on her and turning her away is not something that she deserves. He says they owe her the benefit of the doubt, but to keep his eyes open. Reven agrees. Reven says that he will leave to continue his mission in the morning. Tribs agrees and says he will send word with Tork, that Reven will need his help.

When Jean Luc, Mags, Osrik, Gamora, Dru, and Reven’s sister make to the dock, Osrik hands Dru the box. She says the command word, and throwing it in the water, it opens into the ship. They are hesitant to let Reven’s sister on board, seeing that she destroyed a magic item by touching it. Dru hands Reven’s sister the Dagger of Venom and asks her to hold it. She does, and after a few moments nothing happens. Satisfied with this, they all board the ship.

Mags, after a bit, curls up and goes to sleep in one of the hammocks. Jean Luc decides to start identifying items they recovered from the vault. He identifies the scarab, the twin mastiff statues, and the boat (to get the other command words). Gamora asks Jean Luc to identify the stone she got, but when she digs in her bag of holding she can’t seem to locate it.

Jean Luc suspects something and casts sending on Harlin. He asks if he had taken something and why. The reply comes back, apologizing and explaining that he needed the stone for something. He mentions that he left another item in its place and instructs them to find a mask.

Gamora pulls the broken mask from her bag of holding and hands it to Jean Luc, who identifies it as the Nightsong Mask which has very strong stealth properties. Osrik asks about the hammer, but when Jean Luc attempts to identify it, the magical aura is too great to read and it disorients him. He realizes that identifying this item is beyond his capabilities at this time.

Reven’s sister and Jean Luc discuss some topics about magic. Realizing she is rather intelligent, he offers her a book that he acquired from Castle Naerytar. It’s a historical tome and she thanks him, finds a corner, and begins reading.

With Khendrig resting, Cora sits at a table alone, trying to figure out the puzzle box she found in the vault. After some time, Reven returns to the tavern looking for his companions and his sister. Reven greets Cora and asks what’s she’s up to. She shows him the box and he asks if he can try it.

When he touches the box he has a vision. He sees a spectral figure with a staff and scepter reaching out to him, trying to grasp at his mind. When he snaps out of the vision, he can hear the voice within the puzzle box. He tells Cora that nothing good can come from that box and explains what he saw. She thanks him for the warning, and after a few moments he asks if they are going to talk about “things.” Cora blankly says, “No.”

Reven leaves and finds Tribs resting under a tree in the town square. When he finds him, Tribb smiles and asks if he’s having “girl trouble.” Reven laughs, asking what gave him that idea. They talk about him leaving on the mission in the morning and wish each other a good night. Reven gets a room at the inn but the barkeep only has “luxury suites” remaining. Paying premium price, he retires to his room.

Later that evening, after Khendrig falls asleep, Cora goes out and knocks on Reven’s door. She asks Reven about Harlin and he explains that he left to go find Selvriane. Cora asks what happened to her. Reven says she went missing after Cora left and they assumed the worst. Harlin tried finding her, but there was no sign of her. After a time he convinced Harlin to train with him and he got better for a while. More recently, he found some letter in their old house in Neverwinter and believes she’s out there, so now he’s trying to find her.

Khendrig shows up, interrupting the story, and he asks for help using the restroom. Reven offers to help, saying he will handle it, and takes the young deep gnome to relieve himself. Cora thanks him for his help and after a time she asks him about his visions. She asks because she thinks she had a vision of her own.

She explains her experience in the vault after touching the dragon scale, what she saw, and getting shot in the chest. She notices she has a scar on her chest that is unfamiliar to her. Reven says she’s had that scar as long as she’s known her. Cora pulls out the scale and shows it to him. When she asks him to touch it, she warns him that he might be sent away. Preparing for the worst, he touches the scale but his hand phases through it. It’s untouchable and phantom-like, and only Cora is able to physically move it.

After this, Cora and Reven discuss that they will part ways and travel with their new family members. She wishes him well and asks if they are okay. Reven replies that they were always okay. She departs, wishing him good night and telling him she is glad he’s not dead.
Osrik spends the night outside praying to Valkur, though it seems to him no one is listening. Reven’s sister joins him with nearly half the book complete. Osrik asks her about the book and she comments that it’s a bit boring but still interesting. They talk a bit about faith and about not remembering their pasts. After some time she gets up and decides to go for a walk around town. Osrik tries to convince her to stay, but she tells him she will be all right and leaves.

Reven’s sister wanders around, the enjoying the night air. She makes her way to town center where she finds Tribs laying under a tree, alone. She approaches the man, admiring his features, “You are not really asleep are you?”

He lifts his head with a slight amused smile, “No. I don’t think I’ve really slept in 40 years.”

“Can I sit?” she asks.

“Not my tree,” he shrugs. “Have a seat.”

She sits down next to him. They both look up into the night sky and at the great large moon. “Selune,” she says to break the silence. “Goddess of the moon.”

He nods. “Nights like this remind me of Eilistraee.”

“The goddess of outcast Drow, surface dwelling Drow who reject Lolth?” she says.

“You are smart aren’t you?” he says. “Your mother, her name was Xara, she was a priestess of Eilistraee. She did her best to help the outcasts find a place and purpose on the surface world.”

“Was she smart too?” she asks.

A smile draws across his face as he recalls. “Oh yes, and one of the most determined people I ever knew. No one could change her mind once she was set to do something.”

There is a long silence, then she asks, “You are my father?”

“What makes you think that?” he asks.

“Our eyes are the same, and well, Reven calls you Osu. That means father.”

“Yes,” he says. “And I’m sorry.” He says this with a tear in his eye. “If I had known that you were a prisoner, if I knew you were alive, I would have never stopped searching for you.”

She smiles. “I don’t remember anything before Reven woke me. I don’t blame you for anything. I’m just glad that I get to know you.”

She holds his hand and he smiles. They spend the rest of the night beneath the tree, getting to know each other.

End part 1.

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